Things to Do

Congratulations!  You are ready for your convocation as Graduands of 2020. To ensure smooth proceeding kindly ensure to review the following check list .

Pre Convo

Please check that your name is in the list provided.

Check your email for an invitation from IIUM.  Alternatively, you may download one from our website.

If you are not able to come, kindly inform us by filling the reply form.

Fill in the Robe Form A

If you require  special assistance   kindly inform us by filling up the ‘special assistance’ form

Collect Robe, Invitation Card & Multimedia Card

Bring  Robe Collection Form to Robe Room.

Pay deposit if necessary

All payment using Banker’s Cheque / Postal Order / Wang Pos  are to be made payable to FINANCE DIRECTOR, IIUM.

Collect Convocation attire, Invitation Card and Multimedia Card

Check your Convocation date, time and sessions.

On Convocation Day

Please wear proper attire as specified in dress code. 

Come early to the campus.

Have your meal beforehand to ensure you are fully energised for the event.

Please bring your handphone for accessing the MySejahtera App.

Check your seat number.

Follow IIUM Covid-19 requirements

Check and update MySejahtera  apps.

Do health declaration acknowledgement.

Slip on your Robe with pride

Dress according to the Convocation Dress Code

Do not forget your Multimedia Card

Line up to enter the hall

Find your location and queue up according to name list.

During the Ceremony

Enter the hall during the procession in orderly manner. Follow our usherers instruction

Be seated in accordance to seating arrangement as advised by the committee members.

Stand up and keep in line as instructed to received your scroll 

Double check your multimedia card is with you

Walk in orderly manner following our usherers’ instruction

Walk up to the stage as instructed and according to session’s name list.

On the stage, hand over your multimedia card to the person in charge

Walk towards the conferer slowly until the spot mark ‘X’.

Bow slightly as a gesture of respect

Accept the scroll with both hands.

Move a step backward, slightly bow and side step to the left.

Hold your scroll on the right side with your right arm and walk to the other side of the stage.

Post Ceremony Checklist

Return your robe before 5:00 pm on 27th March 2022.

A fine of RM 10.00 per day for late return will be imposed.

Collect your scroll


After the ceremony  proceed to Robe Room, ICC to collect your scroll.

After 20th March 2022, kindly proceed to Academic Management and Admission Division (AMAD) office.


After the ceremony  proceed to Robe Room, ICC to collect your scroll.

After 20th March 2022, kindly proceed to Centre for Post-Graduate Studies (CPS) office.