Due to this pandemic COVID-19 situation, several procedures must be implemented for graduands and guests who will be joining the ceremony in ensuring their health safety. 

Based on the decision made by the IIUM Convocation Organising Committee,  everyone is expected to adhere to our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

Covid-19 Vaccination Requirement

Only graduands and guests who fulfilled the vaccination requirement below shall be ALLOWED to join this prestigious ceremony.

Fully Vaccinated With Booster

Incomplete Vaccination

need to do RTK/Antigen professional 48 hours before the event and show the result to the Committee members)

Those with the following criteria will NOT be ALLOWED to join the ceremony

Unvaccinated Individual

COVID 19 Positive

Close Contact to Confirmed COVID 19 Patient

Exhibit any COVID 19 Symptoms

Mask Requirement

Graduands and guests MUST wear their face masks at the screening area and wear them all the time. Graduands and guests are also encouraged to bring their own hand sanitise

Physical Distancing Requirement

All graduands and guests must practice physical distancing at all times and avoid 3C ( Crowded, Confined and Closed) areas

Latest Information

The Covid-19 measure may be amended as per advised by the Government. Please ensure that you keep updated with the latest information. The committee shall update information online and do our best to inform everyone.