Collection and Returning of Robe

Important Dates for Robe Collection and Returns

Collection Dates

Return Dates

Collection Process

Before Collection

Before collection, ALL PG and UG graduands MUST print FORM A at the IIUM Convocation Robe System.

Sample Form A

Graduands are also required to access and complete the Graduate Tracer Study on the MOHE website. A printout slip is required to be presented before receiving your robe.


The students who have taken their academic scroll are required to pay a deposit (UG-RM450, Masters-RM500, and PhD-RM750).

The payment for Robe deposit can be made by Banker’s Cheque or Money Order payable to FINANCE DIRECTOR, IIUM. (Cash, Personal cheques, Online Banking will NOT be accepted).

Then, fill in FORM B to be submitted together with the deposit. The same Banker’s Cheque/ Postal Order will be returned immediately after the return of Robe set.

Please refer to Additional Notes below for the smooth flow of the process.

Sample Form B


On the collection day, graduands, or representative with authorisation form (FORM C), need to show the individual printed FORM A at the first counter. Form C is available in the Robe System.

Those who have taker their scroll are required to bring FORM B also.  A printout of Graduate Tracer Study survey slip is required to be presented before robe collection.

Graduands, or representatives, will be given the Invitation Cards, Multimedia Card, Hood, Mortar Board/Beefeater.

However, those who are required to pay Robe Deposit need to summit their deposit at the Finance Counter first before going to collection Counter.

After getting their cards, graduands or representative will then proceed to the Robe Room to collect the Robe set.

Returning Process

Return of Robe

Graduands need to return the Robe set at the Robe Room, ICC, IIUM Gombak Campus immediately after the ceremony and before the deadline.

Return of Deposit

Those who had paid Robe deposit can request for their deposit to be returned immediately after surrendering the robe set

Collection of Scroll

The scroll could be collected at the designated offices or venue.

Additional Notes


A fine of RM50.00 per day will be charged to graduands who return the Robe set after deadline.


Please do not hand-wash the robe set. It should only be dry-cleaned


The University has the right to claim compensation at the purchase price if the robe set is found damaged or lost. Please refer to relevant charge rates.


The rates for damage or loss of robe set are as follows:

ItemUGPG DiplomaMasterClinical MasterPhD


To expedite the Robe and Cards collection process, all graduands with deposit MUST come with readily filled up FORM B.  Please see the sample of Bankers’s Cheque and Postal Order that could be prepared at any Malaysian bank or Post Office. Below are the samples

Sample of Postal Order
Sample banker cheque

03 6421 4014