Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We hope these FAQs will be able to assist you in a better understanding of the events before, during and after the function


The 39 th IIUM convocation ceremony will be held physically as detailed below:
Convocation date 25 th – 29 th November 2023
Venue IIUM Cultural Centre Gombak Campus

The eligible list name of graduates for the 39th IIUM convocation ceremony can be obtained from https://convo.iium.edu.my/39th-convo-name-list/

 The list of sessions for the 39th IIUM convocation session can be obtained from the following link https://convo.iium.edu.my/convo-39-session-list/.

Yes. Those who have collected scrolls (degree certificate) are allowed to attend the convocation. You will need to pay for robe deposits (the amount will be announced on the Convocation Website) by preparing Bank Cheque or Postal Order and submitting to Finance Counter during robe collection process.

No, it is not advisable to miss your current convocation ceremony. It is possible to reschedule to the next one depending on the organizing committee’s decision.

Yes, the university will send a formal invitation to the listed graduates via email.

Yes, the invitation card will be distributed during the robe collection time.

All graduates of the 39th IIUM convocation ceremony are allowed to attend with their families. However, only TWO (2) guests (parents/family members) aged 13 years old and above are allowed to enter the hall. Other family members can sit at the provided places on campus and enjoy the celebration together.

Yes, the graduation fee is compulsory to all graduates regardless of attendance. The fee covers both Certificate and Academic Transcript.

Yes, graduates that are unable to collect their robe during the given slot, in person, may authorise someone to collect it on your behalf by filling up the authorisation form at this link https://convo.iium.edu.my/robe-collection/ . The robe collection before the given date is NOT ALLOWED.

– Before collection of robes, all graduates MUST print FORM A at the IIUM Convocation Robe System https://albiruni.iium.edu.my/myapps/anr/robesys/.
– Please refer to the following link for the detail of robe collection https://convo.iium.edu.my/robe-collection/

Please refer to the following link for the detail of robe collection https://convo.iium.edu.my/robe-collection/

The official scrolls and Academic Transcript will be handed over after the robes are returned in good condition.

The scroll and academic transcripts can be collected at AMAD (undergraduate) and CPS (postgraduate) during office hours.

Yes, the 39th IIUM convocation ceremony will be broadcasted live on the following social media platforms.

Yes, but you may leave the handbag on your seat when you go up the stage at your own risk.



All graduates are required to bring the complete set of convocation attire (robe, hood, beefeater/mortar board) and convocation multimedia card. A penalty of RM10 will be charged to graduates who forgot to bring their Convocation Multimedia Cards on their convocation

All graduates must FULLY observe the following dress code https://convo.iium.edu.my/dress-code/ . The committee reserved the right to exclude any graduates in violation of the rules from joining the convocation ceremony.

– For gentleman,
o Formal or national dressing (lounge suit, formal shirt, long trousers, batik or Baju Melayu)
– For ladies,
o Modest or aurah covered dress (Baju Kurung or formal dress)

Yes. You need to contact RSD for the arrangements. Please email to izwani@iium.edu.my for more information.

No, they cannot. All graduates must leave the hall right after the ceremony adjourned to allow the committee to prepare the venue for the next session. There are countless sites that you can go to for photoshoot with your friends and family members in IIUM.


All graduates are encouraged to return their robes immediately after their respective convocation sessions and before the deadline. A fine of RM50 per day will be charged to graduates who return the robe set after the deadline. Graduates are responsible to ensure that their robes are returned in good condition without any damage.

No, returning the robe using postal/courier services is not allowed to avoid any damage or loss. However, graduates may ask a representative to return the robe just like during the collection of robes.