Guideline for Takreem Al-Khirrijeen

The following are procedures which need to be observed to ensure the smooth running of the Takreem Al-Khirrijeen


Invitation to Hooder

As a Doctoral candidate, you must communicate with your Main Supervisor/Co-supervisor/Proposed Academic Staff as to whom will be your hooder at the ceremony.


The attire

In order to participate in the ceremony, Doctoral candidates must dress in the proper attire (robe). It is the responsibility of the candidate to collect the robe at the IIUM Cultural Centre. Only Doctoral candidates dressed in proper attire (robe) will be allowed to join the ceremony. The Doctoral candidate’s Main Supervisor/Co-supervisor/ Proposed Academic Staff is also requested to wear his/her robe.


The ceremony

There will be no rehearsal or formal information meeting for ceremony participants, but all Doctoral candidates and their supervisors MUST arrive and register one hour before the ceremony starts. Instructions will be given during this period.



Upon registration, the Doctoral candidates will be given a card stating their table/seat number, name and the name of their supervisor. They must have their cards in possession at all times until both theirs and supervisor’s names are called on stage. The supervisors will also be given tables/seat numbers


Getting seated

After the registration, the Doctoral candidates and their supervisors will be ushered to their tables/seats. They must be at their tables/seats twenty minutes prior to the commencement of the ceremony.


Getting Organised

The committee will instruct doctoral candidates and their supervisors in lining up, processing in, processing to the stage, and the proper way to hood and be hooded.


  1. Doctoral candidates and their supervisors will line up and wait until their names are called on stage.
  2. Doctoral candidates will wear their robes. The supervisor will carry the candidate’s hood and beefeater.
  3. At the appropriate time, doctoral candidates and their supervisors will be cued by ushers to move towards the stage.


Getting On stage

Doctoral candidates will give their cards to the committee while lining up (with supervisors) before their names called on stage. The committee will hand over the card to the master of the ceremony to announce the candidate’s name for the hooding by the candidate’s supervisor. Only candidate possessing a name card will be allowed to be hooded


presentation of hood

After their names are called, the Doctoral candidates and the supervisors will walk towards the centre of the stage. While on stage, the supervisor will hand over the beefeater to the Academic Assistant. Photographs/video will be taken as the Doctoral candidates are hooded.

Notes: Doctoral candidate and supervisor opposite gender

  • If the supervisor is a male and the Doctoral candidate is a female, then a female academic assistant would help in this process.
  • If the supervisor is a female and the Doctoral candidate is a male, then a male academic assistant would help in this process


after hooding

  1. Both supervisor and Doctoral candidate will walk down the stage.
  2. After leaving the stage, the Doctoral candidates and their supervisors will return to their seats and remain seated until the conclusion of the ceremony.
  3. After the conclusion of the ceremony, a group photo session of all Doctoral candidates and supervisors will be taken. All Doctoral candidates may collect the photos/video after the Convocation Ceremony, after returning the robe at the designated returning station.