To ensure the ceremony is conducted with dignity, honor and solemnest, we would appreciate for the graduand to give your full cooperation to strictly observe the rules and etiquette listed below.

Please also remind your guests/parents to the same rules and etiquette:

  • Guests/parents are advised to wear appropriately in accordance to the followings:

a) Male Guests Dress Code

National, Batik, Lounge Suit or Appropriate Formal Dressing (jeans and t-shirts, sandal or slipper are not allowed)

b) Female Guests Dress Code

National, Formal dress or suitable dresses (gowns or dresses that are above the ankle, short skirts, sleeveless blouse, t-shirt or trousers are not allowed)

(*) Guests who failed to follow the dress code will be prohibited from entering the ceremony.

  • Guests/parents are NOT to leave the hall or move about during the ceremony.
  • Guests/parents are advised to have their breakfast/meals before entering the hall.
  • Guests/parents are advised to use the restroom before the ceremony begins to minimize disruption during the ceremony.
  • Only officially appointed photographers are allowed to take photographs or any form of audio-visual recording.


Last updated : 30th October 2019