During Convocation Ceremony

  • Assemble at The Entrance

    All graduands are required to gather at Entrance 11 at IIUM Cultural Centre (ICC).

    Morning Session: 7.45 A.M
    Afternoon Session: 1.45 P.M.

  • Scan QR Code

    Scan the QR Codes provided to mark your attendance and review your seat number.

  • Proceed to the Hall

    Graduands shall proceed to the designated seat number in the hall. Mask must be worn throughout the ceremony

  • Queue up for Receiving Scroll

    Stand by to be ushered to queue outside the hall.

    Bring along the multimedia card to the stage.

  • Check Multimedia Card validity

    Check the multimedia card to ensure it is working at the designated area.

    If OK proceed to the stage, else get a replacement card from the committee.

  • Receive Scroll on the Stage

    Present the card at the stage to the committee in charge and proceed to the stage to receive the scroll.

  • Return to the Seat

    After receiving the scroll, return to your seat inĀ  orderly fashion and wait until the ceremony ends.