Convocation Multimedia Card

The Convocation Multimedia Cards are to be collected during the collection of robes. Please make sure you bring the cards with you on the actual convocation day. Failure to do so will cause your name NOT to appear on the screen and your name NOT being called when you take your scroll on the stage. Please take note that pronunciation of names for the Convocation Multimedia Cards is based on the name as presented in the Senate at the time of Senate endorsement of graduation list. A penalty of RM10 will be charged to graduands who forgot to bring their Convocation Multimedia Cards on their convocation.

For replacement of Convocation Multimedia cards (with penalty of RM10), please go to:

Multimedia Smart Card Counter, ICC (Robe Counter)

Date : 23th November 2019 – 26th November 2019

Time : 7.30 am – 4.00 pm